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Joe Federer is a Wedding Photographer based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, serving St. Paul and the entire Twin Cities greater metro area.

Your wedding day deserves to be photographed by someone who has great respect and reverence for the most important day in your life. Someone you can trust. Someone who will be a source of 'ease' on an otherwise very stressful day.

Working in a photojournalistic style, Joe (hey, that's me... why am I talking in the third person?) works to capture your wedding day as it unfolds. Finding ways to create beautiful, yet authentic, heirlooms for you to pass down through the generations is my passion.

I have been working in digital since 2001, I very much enjoy creating images that 'pop' due to a combination of time-of-capture techniques and extensive massaging on the computer afterwards. I look at every image afterwards and make sure it's something I can be proud to put my reputation on the line for, and more importantly, something you can be proud to call your own.

Here's looking forward to working with you... Take a look at my Wedding Photography site for my clients, and don't forget about my photography blog.